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Project Empower

Project empower is an initiative that taps into the minds of girls in India and Nepal to develop their entrepreneurial spirit and realize their potential. We at Youth Executive Leadership Program believe in the importance of understanding and accepting different perspectives, especially in our society today, and we hope this project brings this to light. 

YELP is partnering with The Small World  to create a 6 part audio & video curriculum that features interviews, discussions, and stories of successful female entrepreneurs who have built their businesses from scratch. We hope to empower girls and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs in India and Nepal. We strive to ensure that all youth, no matter their background, have equal access to career and personal development skills, such as leadership training. Through this project we hope to inspire the next generation leaders to achieve greatness in their futures and create this cross-cultural communication amongst the youth in order to grow students' minds.

Students will write a short response (100-200 words) describing their dream careers in entrepreneurship and questions that you would want talked about throughout the curriculum.

Specifically students may write about

  • Their future career goals

  • Small Business ideas

  • Questions for speakers


An example of a short response may look like this.

My idea for a small business is creating handcrafted accessories that showcase our rich cultural heritage. From intricately designed jewelry to vibrant textiles, my aim is to promote local craftsmanship while empowering women in rural communities. Through my entrepreneurship journey, I envision a brighter future where traditional artistry thrives. I want to grow up to become a fashion designer and I believe this small businesses is the first step in pursuing my passion. Some questions I have for female entrepreneurs in the United States are:

  1. What inspired you to start your own business, and how did you identify your passion?

  2. How did you overcome any initial challenges or doubts when starting your entrepreneurial journey?

(Short responses may also be written in the native language of students)


Diving Into the Business World
W/ Runsi Sen

YELP talked with Founder and CEO of Ovarcome, Runsi Sen. Ovarcome is an ovarian cancer foundation with the mission to raise global awareness on ovarian cancer, to fund research in search of a cure, and to provide financial assistance to under-served ovarian cancer patients in need. Runsi studied at Rice Business School and has broken barriers tackling the world of health. She is featured in the Project Empower Curriculum to empower girls that they can achieve anything they put their minds to. 

She discusses ovarcoming the fear of failure, gender barriers, lack of resources, and her story in becoming a passionate entrepreneur and leader! 


Fueling the Fire
W/ Molly Barker

YELP had the pleasure of speaking with Molly Barker, UNC Chapel Hill Graduate & Founder of @girlsontheruninternational, a nonprofit that empowers girls to build their confidence and decision making skills through running and other physical activities. She founded the organization in 1996 with a total of 13 girls in Charlotte, North Carolina and has built this nonprofit from the ground up, with over 200,000 girls and 12,000 locations across North America. 

Ms. Barker is featured on our Project Empower Audio & Video Curriculum Series that educates and empowers young girls in different countries on the key to becoming a business leader. She speaks on the topic of PASSION! 

She speaks on her strategies on founding a nonprofit, skillsets that have helped her leadership & public speaking endeavors, and her future for Girls On the Run! 


Unleashing Creativity
W/ Payal Tekchandani

YELP had the pleasure of talking to Payal Tekchandani, a business management graduate & Goldman Sachs 2023 Growth Fellow. She is the Co-Founder of Tender Skin International, a chain of boutique dermatology clinics called The Wedding Clinic. She is a mentor with OWN Academy X SOHO House for aspiring women entrepreneurs. Her business journey was recently published by Harvard Business Publishing.

Ms. Tekchandani is featured on our Project Empower Audio & Video Curriculum Series that educates and empowers young girls in different countries on the key to becoming a business leader. She speaks on the topic of CREATIVITY!

She speaks on her strategies on leading a business, incorporating sustainability into entrepreneurial endeavors & fostering innovation in the skin care industry!

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