Youth Executive Leadership Program

Teaching the next generation to be our future leaders.

The Youth Executive Leadership Program (YELP) is a non profit organization whose program centers around the Houston area, where students learn about leadership skills which include public speaking, various aspects of leading a team or an organization, etc.. Workshops  will be available throughout the year and this includes inviting business panels, public speaking workshops, and leadership camps, empowering the young generation to become strong visionaries, speakers and leaders at the end.

The Company Ownership / Legal Entity 

YELP is registered as a non profit organization in the State of Texas.

What We Do

We are a group of high school students in the Houston area, who are extremely passionate about leadership and public speaking.  We have many years of exposure in this area to help guide young people through the process.  We also have teamed up with other non profits who are also focused in these areas and thus we want to cumulatively bring about change. 


We believe we can change people's view on various aspects of leadership and make the young generation feel more comfortable to lead.  We strongly believe in this global economic era, it is important and imperative that the next generation America should learn to be leaders to lead the global world.




8 countries


600 Students


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