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Our Mission

approximately 72 million children are not in school or do not have access to an education.

More than 3 Billion people live below the poverty line. If we come together as a society and educate only a fraction this population, we will be able to empower them with the knowledge to succeed and in the process help them get out of poverty.


of the world's population
lives below the poverty line

759 million

adults around the world are illiterate

1.3 billion 

people have blue collared jobs that pay less than $1.25 a day

At YELP our mission is to educate the youth on public speaking, entrepreneurship, leadership skills. We strive to offer an educational experience for students while still making the program fun and exciting. Through our workshops, we plan to create strong leaders. We strive to provide access to education to all students and empower them to become our next generation of leaders. At YELP we work on progressing Goal 4, Quality Education, from the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

YELP will host in person and virtual workshops and summits along with various international based projects. We will educate students about vocational skills needed for the workplace in order to motivate them to break barriers and eventually help others in their own community.

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