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Project Inspire

 Project Inspire is an initiative that taps into the minds of middle and high school students throughout the world. We at Youth Executive Leadership Program believe in the importance of understanding and accepting different perspectives, especially in our society today, and we hope this project bring this to light. 

Students throughout the world will write their opinions on this topic. The stories, then, will be compiled into a magazine and published. The magazine will be sold and the money collected will be donated to a charity impacting literacy rates. The major objective is to work with the community to create the next generation of leaders. We strive to ensure that all youth, no matter their background, have equal access to career and personal development skills, such as leadership training. Through this project we hope to inspire the next generation leaders to achieve greatness in their futures and create this cross cultural communication amongst the youth in order to grow students minds.

Students will write a short story (200 words) or poem about what they see their future life to be. 


Specifically students may write about

  • Their future career goals

  • What they see their country to be

  • Where they expect to live

  • Specific issues they see being addressed

  • How school will be conducted

  • Interesting inventions in the world 


An example of a short story may look like this.


Hello my name is Isabel J. and I live in Houston, Texas in the United States of America. In the future, I would like to become an astronomer as I live next to the largest space program in the United States, and many people in the city of Houston are astronomers. I expect my city of Houston, Texas to be extremely technologically advanced with inventions like self driving cars and glass metros to be present throughout the city.I believe that the school will be conducted online as will everything in the city, where teachers video call a class of students. I would like to live in France so I am able to work for the European Space Agency and study stars and other galaxies, and create a world space agency that is able to explore far areas. I also believe that in the future people would have landed on Mars and we will have moved on to trying to land on Jupiter!


(Essays may also be written in the native language of students and a translated english version will be provided on each page)


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