Audio & Video Curriculum

YELP partners with organizations in developing regions and designs audio and video curriculums for the students. Topics are chosen in collaboration with the organization and pre as well as post lesson activities are provided alongside the physical curriculum. The curriculum is 8-10 20 minute videos recorded by mentors who are professionals in that certain topic. Curriculums are translated in whatever language necessary and worksheets are provided which follow along with the recorded curriculum.

YELP is currently working with Daughters of Moon, an organization that works in a remote village near the city of Meerut in India to create an audio and video curriculum for the girls that they work with.




     Examples of Topics we focus on:

   1. Leadership (Confidence)

   2. Passion/ Conviction 

   3. Goal Setting

   4. Problem Solving

   5. Effective Communication & Delegation

   6. Creativity

   7. Emotional Intelligence 

   8. Girls Empowerment

   9. Girls Independence



If you are an organization interested in partnering with us for an audio and video curriculum, please contact us!